Custom Homes Available at Gray’s Station

Fully custom single-family homes are coming to Gray’s Station, thanks to Embarq Signature Homes. Built on large lots with fully customizable interiors, these three-and four-story homes will be among the only custom, detached homes in downtown Des Moines. Embarq Signature Homes is a fully custom homebuilder based in West Des Moines, specializing in high-end single-family […]

Telus condos are next homebuying opportunity at Gray’s Station

 As Des Moines continues to be one of the fastest growing cities in the Midwest, boasting a 40% growth in the last decade, the Gray’s Station neighborhood is welcoming a new kind of homebuying opportunity with Telus, a condominium community. With construction slated to start in the latter half of 2023, Telus will be a […]

Summer 2023 Events are coming to Gray’s Station!

It pays to live at the heart of it all. Living in downtown Des Moines means you are just steps away from some of the best events in the state. And this year, we are making them even better for our Gray’s Station residents! Here is a sneak peak at some of our upcoming events […]

Endless Townhome Options at Gray’s

As a master planned community, Gray’s Station offers the most variety of townhomes in one location in downtown Des Moines. Whether you’re right-sizing or looking to upgrade into a larger footprint, there are so many home options for sale within the neighborhood.   Modest + Modern  The smaller square foot floorplans have proved to be some […]

Summer Events in Greater Des Moines

Des Moines is one of the Nation’s best kept secrets thanks to growing job opportunities, the fantastic night life, and diverse food.  In addition to all of that, every summer Des Moines has events that are fit for everyone. Here are just a couple of our favorite events to catch in and near Des Moines […]

Mad Meatball Open at LINC

LINC at Gray’s Station welcomed a Des Moines staple to the community earlier this year: Mad Meatball. The popular pizzeria and pub was located downtown on SE 5th until 2019, and we are excited that it has found its new home in Indigo Living’s LINC at Gray’s Station. “While leaving the building we’ve called home […]

Apartment Home Options at LINC

Apartment Home Options at LINC The growing Gray’s Station neighborhood is the home to many amazing new things, one of which is LINC at Gray’s Station, a beautiful apartment community with surprising options and amenities. Read on to learn more about the rental options (from studio apartment homes to townhomes) and some of the amenities […]

Springing Forward: What’s Ahead in 2022 In & Around Gray’s?

Gray’s Station is located right in downtown Des Moines, so it should come as no surprise that things are happening all the time in this community. From the addition and introduction of floor plans to the construction of a huge new soccer stadium, to a music festival headlining Charli XCX, 2022 is set to be […]

Craft Bru is Open in LINC

It’s no secret that many of the Gray’s Station communities are home to small businesses, but our LINC community just saw the opening of a vibrant new taproom, Craft Bru. With 60 beers on tap, Craft Bru is sure to have something for everyone. All the featured beers, seltzers, and ciders are from nearby and […]

Winter Events in Des Moines

The recent snow is enough to remind us that Des Moines winter is in full swing. Maybe there isn’t an outdoor farmer’s market or a state fair coming up, but there is still so much to do in downtown Des Moines near the Gray’s Station neighborhood. Whether you are a music lover, a sports fan, […]

Get To Know: Iowa Spine + Performance

At Iowa Spine and Performance, the mission is simple: Get you out of pain and return you to performing your best in life and sport. What makes us different is our modernistic, patient-centered approach that is focused on the most efficient way to get our patients better as quickly as we can. This is achieved […]

Why Downtown DSM is Home

Of course we love Gray’s Station, but a living community can only be amazing if it is located in an amazing place. Downtown Des Moines is the perfect place to find a sense of self, explore new events and a great place for everyone to call home. Living Options If you’re wondering if downtown Des […]

Discover Our Local Businesses

You likely already know about all the living opportunities at the Gray’s Station community, but the community has much more to offer than just living spaces, including local business in and around the community. A vibrant new taproom just opened in the community. Craft Bru was the first restaurant to move into the Gray’s Station community. Located […]

A Look Back on 2021 Events

After a year where events and outings were put on hold, it was refreshing to reconnect as a Gray’s Station community throughout 2021. From food trucks to live music, our first year of events is officially in the books. In early March, residents filled out a March Madness bracket challenge to highlight some of the […]

Connect to Downtown Bike Trails Via Gray’s Station

One of the biggest perks about living at Gray’s Station, outside of the connectivity to downtown Des Moines, is actually going the opposite direction – into nature. The bike trails that intertwine Gray’s Lake, Water Works and Central Iowa all converge in downtown Des Moines. Like many established trails, most of these connectors started out […]

Self-Guided tours are New way to Visit Gray’s

As our various industries adapted to COVID-19 protocols and safety guidelines, Hubbell Homes and Apartment Living both made big shifts in technology to enable self-guided tours. These tours are meant to limit the interaction between agents and the potential renter or homebuyer while not foregoing seeing the product in person. Self-guided tours are proving successful, […]

What’s Going on Downtown in 2021?

We are on the cusp of many events kicking off not only for the spring and summer seasons but after a year of postponements due to COVID-19. Last year, many of the downtown Des Moines staples were put on hold and delayed until 2021. Now, with the turn of the season, we are all looking […]

What does Proposed Soccer Stadium, Redevelopment Mean for Gray’s Station?

A recent redevelopment proposal may mean big changes near the Gray’s neighborhood, and subsequently more retail, event venues and living options near Gray’s Station. Pro Iowa, the campaign working to bring professional soccer to Iowa, is now working with Krause+ real estate group, the City of Des Moines, Sherman Associates and environmental agencies to redevelop and […]

Recreational Connections Make Active Living Easy within Gray’s

There are so many valuable, recreational connections in and around Gray’s Station, especially those that can be found just to the south within Gray’s Lake and Water Works Park. The running, walking and biking trail that winds along Gray’s Station connects to more than 500+ miles bike trails from the town of Cumming, west to the Waukee Trailhead and extends […]

The Inspiration Behind Gray’s Townhome Design

The inspiration behind Gray’s Station townhomes began with a purposeful master plan to turn 75 acres of set aside timber and land into a sprawling urban neighborhood with endless housing choices and entertainment options for those looking to live in downtown Des Moines. When it comes to the townhomes you’ll discover in the community, much […]

Join Us at the Gray’s Station Neighborhood Tour!

Come take a tour of the first phase of Gray’s Station, the newest urban neighborhood in downtown Des Moines, during the first Gray’s Station Neighborhood Tour. This self-guided tour is held on a monthly basis and covers the popular bike trail and bridge connection, walking paseo, for sale townhomes, and rental LINC Townhomes and LINC apartments […]

First Townhomes Completed in First Phase of Gray’s

Despite some of the challenges brought on by this year, August has proved prosperous for Phase One of Gray’s Station. Multiple townhome products have come online in the last few weeks including the model home, The Paisley floorplan. This three-bedroom, 2.5-bath townhome will be one of your first stops when visiting the townhomes at Gray’s Station. […]

LINC Opens First Phase of Apartment Homes

LINC at Gray’s Station is not only the entry into the Gray’s neighborhood, but it’s also the first homes that are available in the new community. What bikers, walkers and visitors may notice though is that the construction is far from done! LINC, as an entire rental apartment community, is actually comprised of six individual buildings. […]

The Changing Wetland Basin

The Gray’s Station storm-water wetland basin and trail are finally complete. While many bikers, walkers and joggers are using the trails for fitness, many may not understand what they’re running next to is a well-designed system aimed at improving our city and states’ water quality. Approximately 300-400 acres of downtown water flows into the Gray’s […]

Take a Fly Over the Finished Trail and Wetland Basin at Gray’s Station

The Gray’s Station wetland basin and trail system has officially opened to the public, connecting Gray’s Station to Gray’s Lake Park, Water Works Park and the many miles of trail systems. Along the trail, you’ll notice signs that describe exactly what the large wetland basin system can do for the downtown storm water management system […]

Gray’s Station Growth Through the Years

Throughout the last three years, the landscape and literal land at Gray’s Station has undergone some serious transformations. While preliminary plans started long before 2016, this was the year the visible change began on the 75 acres of Gray’s Station land. When Hubbell Realty Company began conceptualizing and researching what mitigation the land at Gray’s […]

Gray’s Bridge, Trail Celebrated in Ribbon Cutting

Hubbell Realty Company has completed the construction of the $4 million pedestrian bridge and connecting bike trail system. The bridge connects the 75-acre Gray’s Station neighborhood and downtown to the north of the Raccoon River with Gray’s Lake Park trails as well as the pending Water Works Park tunnel, trails and amphitheater. The bridge will allow walkers, […]

Different House, Same Neighborhood

Finding a great neighborhood is like finding a favorite pair of shoes. It fits just right, it’s comfortable and you rarely want to wear anything – or in this case live anywhere – else. The downfall of most neighborhoods is the restriction to one type of housing. Whether that’s apartments, townhomes, detached townhomes or single-family homes with […]

Wetland Basin System: A Vision and a Purpose

Creating the Gray’s Wetland Basin One of the largest features of the Gray’s Station community is one that comes pretty naturally. Via the City of Des Moines, RDG Planning & Design (RDG) and Civil Design Advantage (CDA), three smaller basins are being combined into a single, larger wetland basin system which will better filter water […]

Gray’s Station Bridge Enters River, Construction Continues

The pedestrian bridge construction is continuing to move forward on the south side of Gray’s Station and to the north of Gray’s Lake. Weather depending, the next step for Hubbell and Jensen Construction is to set structures in place to begin on the pier’s and prepare to bring in the physical bridge. While Hubbell is […]

The Evolution of the Gray’s Station Land

When Hubbell Realty Company began conceptualizing and researching what mitigation the land at Gray’s Station would need, it became obvious we would need a team of mitigation experts. Terracon is a national company that has had held a successful Des Moines office since 1975. The professionals at Terracon specialize in geotechnical engineering, environmental and construction material […]

Living at Linc

Out of all of the living options at Gray’s Station, there is one that stands out – literally. Linc at Gray’s Station is the first building under construction on site and it’s hard to miss as you drive down Martin Luther King (MLK) Jr. Parkway. Linc will actually occur in two phases: Phase I is underway […]

Construction of the Gray’s Station Bridge Continues to Progress

The Gray’s Station bridge construction is progressing positively following high river levels along the Raccoon River and forecasted rainfall during the months of March and April. The bridge, which is being built in pre-assembled portions, was delivered to the Jensen Construction site early this week. Baker Electric will now begin their work on lighting the bridge […]

What is a Pocket Park?

In many urban communities, residents enjoy being in the middle of it all but on occasion, open green space is important too– especially for those with kids and pets. Throughout the three phases of Gray’s Station, residents and users will discover what urban architects call “pocket parks.” Pocket parks are small in size but huge […]

What Inspired Gray’s Station?

Welcome to the inspiration station, literally. The inspiration for Gray’s Station came from various neighborhoods around the country, from focus group feedback and from Hubbell’s team of experts and design partners pushing the norm of downtown living in Des Moines. The name Gray’s Station itself is inspired by the ground’s history. Originally, the 75-acre plot […]

What is an Urban Neighborhood?

Urban Neighborhood by Defintion: The more you hear the name Gray’s Station, the more you may hear the words urban neighborhood. It sounds self-explanatory, but it’s much more than a simple neighborhood layout or concept. The design model for urban neighborhoods feature high-density housing and includes a few elements residents may find in places like suburban communities, […]

Reasons to Love Living in Downtown Des Moines

Downtown Des Moines has grown into a business and cultural center that consistently receives national attention. In 2014, Fortune named Des Moines the #1 city with an up-and-coming downtown and Politico wrote an in-depth report on how Des Moines went from “dull” to “cool.” Des Moines is attracting a broad spectrum of people because the city holds something for […]

What’s Coming to Downtown Des Moines in 2019

This year, the downtown landscape will undergo even more changes than witnessed in years past. The biggest change people are bound to notice is at Gray’s Station. On January 2, Hubbell Realty Company started construction on the Gray’s Station pedestrian bridge, crossing over the Raccoon River. The bridge will connect to downtown Des Moines, the existing trails […]

What is Gray’s Station

Gray’s Station is Des Moines’ newest neighborhood, bringing 75 acres of living, recreation and commerce into downtown Des Moines. With three phases of development scheduled for the next 10 to 15 years, this community will continue to transform the face of downtown Des Moines for the foreseeable future. The first project underway is the highly […]

The Joys of Living Downtown

In his Des Moines-focused article, Comedian Dante Powell claims, “ Des Moines, Iowa is actually cool…. I swear.” It’s been shared more than 1,000 times. You know why? It’s because he’s right. Whether you’re a retiree or a millennial, there’s a spot for you in Des Moines. Des Moines is one of the best festival cities […]