Get To Know: Iowa Spine + Performance

At Iowa Spine and Performance, the mission is simple: Get you out of pain and return you to performing your best in life and sport.

What makes us different is our modernistic, patient-centered approach that is focused on the most efficient way to get our patients better as quickly as we can. This is achieved by combining well researched, evidence-based practices in chiropractic care with manual therapy techniques and excellent rehab skills.

A huge part of care in our office is education and training on how to help our patients not only get out of pain but prevent future injury as well. The rehab and education combined allows us to get our patients actively involved with their care, which leads to getting them out of our office faster and back to the things they love.

We specialize in treating most conditions of the spine from disc herniations to strains and sprains. Our facility contains state-of-the-art rehab equipment allowing us to treat many sports injuries like knees, hips, ankles, and shoulders.

Our rehab area also functions as a gym that allows us to hold physician guided, semi-private group training, sport-specific training for youth athletes, and personal training. It is the ideal situation for those coming off of an injury and wanting to return to training without further injury, and those who have been afraid to join a gym in fear of hurting themselves. Physician guided training is key in ensuring youth athletes develop properly. Our facility has the best rehab and recovery tools that allows everyone to train and recover like D1 and professional teams.

I have had the opportunity to train and treat many professional athletes while living in Kansas City and as a former college baseball player, I know firsthand what it’s like to utilize sports training and recovery. I have special certifications in assessing and training baseball/softball players along with other rotational and overhead athletes like (golf, tennis, and volleyball).

Fun fact: I was born in Des Moines, and graduated from Carlisle, so this is very close to home for me, and I’m thrilled to be back, doing what I love. I truly enjoy being able to help the local community and athletes get better and stay better.

We chose downtown, and specifically Gray’s Station because we feel it fits our modern approach and is a great area of Des Moines to grow alongside! This area is ever expanding, and we are excited to grow with it!

If you’re looking to break free from pain and perform your best, or take your training to the next level, find out more at


Dr. Mike Henrichs is a guest blogger and the owner of Iowa Spine + Performance, located at 210 SW 11th St. Suite 3. Hailing from Carlisle, Iowa, this Iowa native is excited to be back in downtown Des Moines running and operating his own business after spending time in Kansas City.