Different House, Same Neighborhood

Finding a great neighborhood is like finding a favorite pair of shoes. It fits just right, it’s comfortable and you rarely want to wear anything – or in this case live anywhere – else.

The downfall of most neighborhoods is the restriction to one type of housing. Whether that’s apartments, townhomes, detached townhomes or single-family homes with a large yard, many neighborhoods stick with one overarching style.

As you transition through life, where you want to live changes too.

According to Simply Self Storage, nearly 18 percent of people move because they want a new or better home or apartment. That means moving up – literally and figuratively – is highly important to most renters and buyers. Another 12 percent move because they want to establish their own household, while a little less than 10 percent just want to downsize to a less expensive housing option.

There are also more renters today than at any other time over the past 50 years, according to iPropertyManagement and that’s being reflected in Des Moines and Central Iowa as well. While the median rent has increased, so have the number of renters looking for studio-, 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom options.

At Gray’s Station, the neighborhood offers exactly what the title says: the same neighborhood, but a different option of home style.

Starting in mid-2020, LINC apartments will offer unique styles and sizes of homes for those looking to stay in the rent-game. Some apartment homes will have walk-up units and townhome-like floorplans. Others will be studio-sized with lofted bedrooms, creating more space for entertaining below. In most cases, the renters do have the leg-up when it comes to on-site amenities like a pool, dog park, fitness center, rooftop terrace and package concierge.

Next door, Gray’s Station for-sale townhomes are currently underway and slated to come to the market in late 2020 through early 2021. These townhomes range in 3- or 4-rows and also range in total square footage, spanning from 1,400 all the way to 2,500-plus. A great entry-level townhome, like the Paisley or Emden, has around 1,500 square feet, two or three bedrooms and just enough space for a starting family, expanding home business or a couple looking to downsize.

As you work your way south through the Gray’s Station community, the townhomes start to change shape, size and color as the square footage expands and rooftop patios, and other amenities, become a feasible option.

In future phasing, room for detached single-family homes are even being planned. More to come on this down the road!

No matter what home type you choose, the beauty is that you never actually have to leave the Gray’s Station neighborhood. Be within immediate reach of the fun downtown events, restaurants and activities. Live minutes away from the trail and Gray’s pedestrian bridge, Gray’s Lake ParkWater Works Park and central Iowa bike trails. Enjoy neighborhood gatherings at the community park or plaza. And finally, choose what type of home fits you best – and live there.

While it may not be possible everywhere, swapping homes while staying in the same community, is at Gray’s Station.