The Evolution of the Gray’s Station Land

When Hubbell Realty Company began conceptualizing and researching what mitigation the land at Gray’s Station would need, it became obvious we would need a team of mitigation experts.

Terracon is a national company that has had held a successful Des Moines office since 1975. The professionals at Terracon specialize in geotechnical engineering, environmental and construction material services and have assisted on more than 2,400 projects in Iowa.

The 75 acres of Gray’s Station was previously home to farms, an urban landfill and Norfolk Southern Railroad. When the railway became a thing of the past, the remnants stayed behind. For decades, the area sat empty yet full of overgrown trees and railroad material.

Terracon’s Senior Associate Dennis Sensenbrenner takes us through the process and how Hubbell and Terracon ultimately received the certificate of approval from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources for the land.